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Arts programs can be expensive and likewise expensive to operate. How does a small business like mine make our programs affordable to all?  

Each year we run a small Summer Film camp for ages 9 - 19, and each year, we offer 2 work scholarships to qualified students.  In 2016, we added our first non-working scholarship to our summer program. The cost of this was absorbed by the business. 

This year, I have 2 students who are in need of partial scholarships in order to attend the Summer camp. 

My two scholarship candidates are amazing!  One of them is 12 and the other is 15 years old.  They are both responsible and talented kids just looking to follow their dreams.  They come from hard working families, who do not currently have the resources to pay for summer camp.  

I have added on our Paypal page, a scholarship donation button.  By donating just 10.00 to our scholarship program you can make a difference to one or both of these kids!  

100% of the money from the donation will go to helping a child or teen attend our Summer Film camp!  

If you are unfamiliar with our camp please, check out our Home page and our Summer Camp page for more pictures and videos!  
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